Spinal Mobility

Spinal Mobility is a global approach to moving our bodies. Focusing on our spine being the driver, movement ripples out through the body and into space.

The first 30 minutes of the class are focused on mobilising the entire spine and all joints of the body. Integrating breath in this beginning part of meeting our bodies is key. Cues to inhale and exhale are given along with the movement loops / exercises. This beginning takes inspiration from our personal desire to integrate softness and articulation especially in the spine. There will be moments where we change levels and integrate the floor using specially guided imagery tasks or specific movement patterns. Preparation to take weight onto the hands and upper body is also considered. Through specific movement loops, patterns, and phrases Spinal Mobility’s goal is to unlock the participants mind and body to even more movement possibilities. Whether that be in a micro or macro range, or whether it be backspace or inverting space, playing and unlocking this potential is key to the practice. In Spinal Mobility we also use imagined states as an approach to movement. Imagery, gesture, emotional and psychological states are all great access points to break habits, encourage surprise, and approach movement from new angles. So improvisation and allowing the participants to invest in their own journey is also a key factor in Spinal Mobility. Usually towards the end of class we build a set phrase which includes many elements like: spinal impulses / initiations, sequentiality / rippling / waving, working in and out of floor, soft acrobatics / inversions / tweaking gravity, and playing with rhythm / phrasing movement. Spinal Mobility is still forming and developing along with our approach to the body through sound and vibration. So sometimes singing, resonating / humming, and text also become integrated. There are also moments where partnering is invited to increase Spinal Mobility or soften into it through a partner’s body. Also our perception to space and plugging into it is encouraged.

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