Together Alone

We, in all of our perfect imperfections are . . .


breathing, hearts beating, hair and nails growing, dreams, dreaming together.

We are one

                                 yet we are many

                                                   we are one

                                                                  yet we are many

Together Alone is a search for commonalities and ways to connect.

Many times I ask myself where do I end... where does everything else begin? I find myself in this duality of being alone and connected with others and nature. Even though I haven't the faintest clue of what catastrophic situations the world is going through, I feel with them and I somehow feel connected to their situation.

Sometimes connection is also just walking down the street looking into a strangers eyes and sharing a smile. I feel our world is inextricably connected somehow…there is some vibration, life force, resonating through us.

At the same time I feel disconnected, alone, lost.

Its similar to being in a forest surrounded by thousands of trees feeling supported and alone at the same time. Or looking up at the stars feeling so close you could just pick one out of the sky.

I feel we have much more in common than we believe.

This solo is my search for our commonalities and ways in which society has made it more difficult for me to connect and truly claim what it means for me to be human.

Choreography: Joshua Haines
Outside Eye: Alina Jaggi
Music: 'Across' and 'Skin I' - Emptyset, 'Asunder, Sweet' - Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Photography: (c) Andreas Greiner-Napp
Performed in LOT-Theater Braunschweig in the Production 'TanzZeit' 2018.

© 2023 unknown.possibilities. Haines & Jaggi GbR