Oscar finds it difficult to fit into the society in which he lives.

From the ‘Golden Filmland’ where anything is possible, Oscar is tired of being passed from one star to the next and decides to run away from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He realises that his identity is solely defined by a society whom he has lost connection with, and asks himself if these dreams are really his dreams and not dreams of a consumer, where it's all about performing, performing, performing.

Splintered images of home, identity, and origin haunt Oscar and force him into situations of how and who he should be. Again and again Oscar breaks out, finds moments of exhalation, but in the very next moment he finds himself again in socially expected forms and norms. Is there another way? Oscar let's us peek into his journey for truth.

Choreography: Joshua Haines and Alina Jaggi
Performance: Joshua Haines
Text: Joshua Haines
Music: Bill Callahan 'America!'
Photography: Wegst, Julius Zimmermann, Lars, Landmann

  • Premiered on 04.12.2018 in frame of 'nullachtsechsehn' in Aquarium (Kleines Haus) at Staatstheater Braunschweig.
  • Tanzwoche Dresden in Radebeul in April 2019
  • TanzArt OstWest in Gießen in June 2019
  • Wolfsburg September 2019
  • TanzZeit in LOT-Theater Braunschweig November 2019


Another one who knows how to have fun: As an Oscar statue comes to life in a golden yellow full-body suit, Joshua Haines twitches across the stage in his own choreography. His "Oscar" visibly finds it difficult to integrate into society.

                                                               - Manfred Merz from the Gießener Allgemeine

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