OKTI & ITKO takes a humorous perspective on relationships.

What does being in relation with another human being really mean? From mundane day to day life, to amazing highs and lows, we are curious about the full spectrum of relationships. Using humour and exaggeration, OKTI and ITKO shed a comical light on relationships. Relationships encompass many topics such as: communication / miscommunication, desire for autonomy within relationships, and personal / global identity which is triggered through being in relation with another. We want to dive deeper into these topics using an array of relational situations, movement tasks, and layering emotional and psychological states within these scenes to provide complexity and surprise. We aim to follow OKTI and ITKO in their journey to find themselves again individually, as well as their search to redefine borders in their relationship. Through their journey hopefully we can make light of these heavy issues, take some of these situations to heart, and have new perspectives on what really matters.

Performance & Choreography: Alina Jaggi & Josh Haines

Lights: Harry Heutnik

Sound Arrangement: Stephan Lübke

Performed at Tanzspunkt Hannover and LOT-Theater Braunschweig in the production TanzSichten (2023).

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photography: (c) Peter Hoffmann-Schoenborn

© 2023 unknown.possibilities. Haines & Jaggi GbR