Flügel <Wings>

Migratory birds flying through the air, as if they were weightless - free and independent. With their wings they embark on a journey together. It is their movement organ which serves their ability to fly. From afar these migratory birds - when they fly in formation towards thr south - seem to move like one body. Simultaneously they fly together. Synchronicity - translated from old Greek ('syn' = together and 'chronos' = time) means moving simultaneously together. Synchronicity is the basis of this duet. The research and devolpment of movement material from Flügel (Wings) is built on this foundation.

Humans have two lungs, in German they are also called wings. Lungs are necessary for humans to breathe. How can breathe give us humans freedom in our body and movements? How can we move together simultaneously? How can breathe support synchronicity in movement, as well as open up rooms to find freedom in our simultaneous dance?

Flügel <Wings> to breathe, take off, dream, being free...

Idea, Concept, and Choregraphy: Alina Jaggi
Performance and Collaboration: Alina Jaggi, Joshua Haines, Johannes LInd
Music Composition: Amélie Saadia
Costumes: Residency Apparel
Length: 10 minutes

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